Concierge jobs in a hotel

Hotel jobs in the UK offer a great opportunity to meet a variety of people. Working in concierge jobs in a hotel places you at the front-line of customer service – so what qualities would you need to perform well?

People skills

It goes without saying that hotel jobs where you deal with the public require a friendly disposition. As a concierge you’ll have to sharpen you people skills even further. You’ll be dealing with all sorts of clients. Perhaps they’ve had a fraught travel experience and just want to relax. You might find yourself reassuring them that their ordeal is over and it’s time to unwind!


Working at the hotel’s front desk isn’t just an administrative function. You’ll be regarded as a font of all knowledge for visitors who might not have much in-depth savvy of their own. Expect to be fielding questions from a huge cross-section of customers from starkly different cultural backgrounds. Whatever it is you’re asked, you’ll be expected to explain matters in easy-to-understand descriptions, without missing out any of the interesting details.

Organisational skills

The position of concierge will see you dealing with internal matters: the machinations of the hotel in terms of catering, room service and so on. You’ll also be responsible for liaising with maintenance contractors. If a guest complains of a leaky tap, you’ll receive the first panicked phone call!

Specialised skills

With experience you’ll get to know certain quirks of the trade. Which are the most reliable taxi firms to recommend? How would you arrange a spa visit?


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