Looking for jobs with an immediate start in Birmingham?

Finding jobs with an immediate start in Birmingham to suit your skills and requirements can be a challenge. Immediate start jobs are usually very rushed and unless you find the advertisement in the first day or two, you have very little chance of getting an interview as the position needs to be filled immediately. Your best chances of finding an immediate start job are with a recruitment agency.

There are loads of recruitment agencies in and around Birmingham. They are free of charge to use and offer a friendly and professional service. You just need to drop in with a copy of your most recent CV and have a chat to a recruitment specialist who can compare your skills to that of the requirements of any vacancies. If there is a match, they will set you up an interview. Some of the most reputable employment agencies in Birmingham are:

  • Extra Personnel - 39 Waterloo Street, Birmingham
  • Pertemps - 16 Temple Street, Birmingham
  • Prime Time - 3 Newhall Street, Birmingham

Don't forget to check some job websites for jobs with an immediate start in Birmingham. The best thing about using job websites is that you can apply to as many jobs as you like from the comfort of your own home.

Jobisjob.co.uk is an excellent site to use. To find jobs with an immediate start in Birmingham, you simply need to type "immediate start" and "Birmingham" into the "what and where" boxes. You will then see a list of jobs to suit you. Other websites you could visit are mybirminghamjobs.co.uk and totaljobs.com.


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