Jobs I can do from home in the UK...

Are you thinking: 'I want jobs I can do from home in the UK!' Our quick guide will set you on the right path. Here are some vacancies and positions that you might like to consider:

  • Admin jobs from home: many companies are currently trying to cut back on costs, and one way to do this has been to contract admin work out to freelancers and telecommuters. This means that there is a good range of work from home opportunities.
  • Telesales jobs from home: The telesales industry has traditionally had a high staff turnover rate, To combat this, some of the more innovative companies have set up work from home policies, that allow people to log on from anywhere in the world and start making or receiving calls.
  • Bookkeeping jobs from home: Everything is stored in electronic or digital forms these days, so there's no real reason why a bookkeeper should be based in an office. Check your local media for vacancies.
  • Freelance writing from home: The digital revolution has also lead to the vast majority of companies setting up websites. In order to produce quality content for these websites, they have employed freelance writers. The rate of pay can be quite low, but work is readily available if you look in the right places.
  • Child care jobs from home: For something a little more traditional, why not train to be a child care professional. Thousands of private homes across the UK are approved centres. You can usually care for up to five or six children at a time.

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