If you're looking for jobs in the HU9 area then this guide is for you

If you're living in Hull or the surrounding area and are looking for jobs close to HU9 then we've got plenty of information that could make your life an awful lot more straight forward. If you have spent much time in the last year or so looking for work, then you'll appreciate just how tough things have gotten of late. Gone are the days when finding a jobs was as easy as logging onto one of the countless online job sites, entering your information and hitting submit - nowadays you're going to be up against dozens, or even hundreds of like-minded individuals all battling it out for a relatively low number of positions.

Rather than focussing on the major national job sites, your life will be an awful lot easier if you instead take a look at some of the local resources on offer to residents of Hull. In particular, we urge you to take a look at thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/jobs, a website that lists countless different positions in the Hull area across a broad specrum of industries.

There are also plenty of business centres near the HU9 area in which you will stand a great chance of finding work if your CV and work experience are up to standard. We recommend you focus your attention on the Pearlman Louis Centre on Goulton Street, Bizspace on Chamberlain Road and Premier House in Ferensway, as these are some of the major business hot spots in the Hull area.

Alternatively, there are always plenty of positions available in retail if you focus your attention on some of the many supermarkets in the area. The biggest employers in this space are Sainsbury's, ASDA, Iceland, Lidl and Morrisons, all of which are located within 5 miles of the HU9 area. Although entry level positions in these roles aren't quite as glamorous as some of the positions available within the business centres we mentioned, they do provide a foot in the door, and with wages of £5.93 to £6.20 per hour you'll at least be earning some money to help keep yourself going though the lean times.


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