What kind of non-medical jobs are at the hospital in Derby?

The Royal Derby Hospital is one of the United Kingdom's newest and biggest hospitals. Opened in April 2010 by the Queen, the hospital now deals with around 625,000 visits from patients each year.

There is also the London Road Community Hospital in the town, which used to be known as the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary. Both venues have a range of opportunities for non-medical staff to find work with the NHS.

The Derbyshire Children's Hospital functions as part of the Royal Derby Hospital on London Road.


The hospitals in Derby boast high approval and performance ratings from users, with recent inpatient surveys, according to Derbyhospitals.nhs.uk, placing the hospitals in the top twenty per cent in the UK, according to standards of privacy, dignity and safety.

The Public Patient Partnership service and public NHS Foundation Trust membership also mean that Derby hospitals enjoy positive engagement with the wider community in south Derbyshire.

Jobs and Roles

Some of the most important non-medical jobs with the hospital in Derby are in managerial and administrative roles. Good record keeping is essential in such a sensitive area, while there are plenty of opportunities for managers who relish challenge.

Management opportunities range from facilities or clinic management, to financial management and Information Technology.

Administrative roles vary greatly in the NHS, with clerical workers, record keepers and receptionists just the tip of a very large iceberg.

Switchboard operators and telephonists help hospital communication, often busy and complicated, running smoothly and professionally. Human resources workers are also used by the NHS, dealing with recruitment and almost everything else to do with employees.

Non-medical Professionals

The chance also exists to work for the NHS in Derby if a job seeker has professional qualifications other than those relating to medicine.

Hospitals always require religious staff and chaplains to help with patients' spiritual welfare, something which can be of enormous comfort, with many situations in hospital dealing literally with life and death.

Librarians help doctors, nurses and managers with research work, maintaining documents and information resources, using the latest technology. Education practitioners deliver training and advice sessions to patients, the wider community and staff. Examples of their work would be sessions on obesity or smoking.

Children form a significant part of the hospital population, in Derby as elsewhere, and play workers and nursery nurses provide vital services in helping children cope with hospital, or work with the children of other NHS staff.

Terms and Conditions

The NHS offers potential workers a generous series of benefits, which apply all across the UK. These include a 27-day annual leave entitlement as well as pension provision, and a whole range of family friendly working practices.

Where To Look

A full list of available vacancies can be found at Jobs.nhs.uk, where users can search for specific locations and jobs. The NHS also usually advertises vacancies in the local press, so it is worthwhile keeping an eye on the Derby Evening Telegraph and other Derbyshire papers to keep abreast of developments.

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