Medical Jobs: Try a hospital in Canterbury, Kent

One of the greatest parts about getting qualifications in the medical field is that there's often more work than most professionals can handle. Canterbury is a gorgeous city that has a lot of history behind it. If you're looking for medical jobs, a hospital in Canterbury Kent might be worth a second look.

What Positions Can Be Found?

It's amazing how many people are needed for a hospital to provide patients with the best care available. Just some of the professionals being openly recruited are psychiatrists, nurses, physiotherapists, doctors and surgeons, care support workers and managers, and administration staff. Whether you're experienced or just starting out, you can find a good position in a fairly short amount of time.

Salary Expectations

At this point it's a well-known fact that medical professionals are compensated fairly for the hours they put in. Canterbury doesn't deviate from the norm in this respect. In this city higher level psychiatrists can command a salary to the tune of £74,504 to £100,446 per annum while a nurse can receive anywhere from £20,000 to £31,000 a year. Meanwhile, a lower level physiotherapist can claim between £21,176 and £27,625 per annum.

For a physician, the salary will depend on experience but temporary positions have been known to start at £40 to £50 per hour. Care Support staff will usually be paid Band 2 level salary with their managers making a little more, at £20 to £25 per hour. Administration and other staff members will usually be paid around £7 per hour but it's not unheard of for an experienced individual to make around £12 an hour.

Potential Employers

As is the case in many cities, Canterbury has several places where a medical professional can find employment. Kent and Canterbury Hospital is a great starting point but just a few other employers would include the Chaucer Hospital, St. Martin's Hospital, and Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital.

Getting a job in this line of work doesn't have to be complicated. Regardless of what you specialise in, you'll be paid a reasonable salary, there's lots of job security, and plenty of opportunities. Take a look around Canterbury and see what's available.


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