Jobs in homecare in Manchester

Homecare is an economically viable way for local authorities to provide care to people living in their own homes. Jobs in homecare in Manchester range from practical support such as housework to the more specialist side of care involving end-of-life care, or a higher level of care to more vulnerable people.

Homecare primarily focuses on elderly people who are frail. A homecare worker can help in many ways, providing assistance, reassurance and encouragement. They can also provide more complex care following an illness, hospital discharge or long-term nursing.

The UK Homecare Association Ltd. is the professional association for organisations who supply care to people in their own homes.

An individual can apply for jobs in homecare in Manchester if he has a minimum of a certificate in health and social care. These qualifications are designed for people who work with individuals to support and assist them with their physical or emotional care, daily living needs or maintaining their independence.

CareJobFinder.org is an innovative, free service to help employers contact people actively looking for work in homecare. When prospective recruits submit their details on-line, employers in the area will receive an e-mail containing full contact details, a summary of previous experience and the recruit's work preferences.

A job in homecare in Manchester is an opportunity to work with people having unique and differing needs. It is a rewarding job which encourages people to develope their skills and specialisms. You will enjoy meaningful work experiences everyday, while at the same time enriching the lives of the people you care for.

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