Want to find jobs in home based telesales?

Are you interested in jobs in home based telesales? You're not alone. In recent years, the demand for work from home telesales jobs has rocketed - but, perhaps surprisingly, the supply of job vacancies has kept up. This means that there are good opportunities to be had for anyone interested in working in this industry.

What home based telesales involves

Simply put, home based telesales involves phoning customers and trying to persuade them to buy a product or service. Your employer will provide a database or list of numbers to call. The majority of telesales positions involve cold calling - that is, you will only have a name and a number. The person on the other end will probably never have expressed an interest in the products that you are selling.

Can you really work from home?

As you have probably realised, call calling can be a difficult and demoralising job. The call centre industry has a huge problem with staff turnover - many people who start in telesales never last more than a couple of months. This is a financial disaster for many companies, who spend money recruiting and training these individuals. That's why telesales employers have adopted a new approach - by giving employees the flexibility and benefits of being able to work from home, they hope to be able to retain staff longer.

How will you be paid?

The majority of telesales employers will pay you an hourly wage, provided that you are hitting targets. Others may pay per call made or even per sale or lead generated.


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