Jobs in home based packing and assembly may be scams

There is no shortage of enthusiastic workers keen to earn extra cash or forge a career working from home. However, while there are plenty of genuine vacancies out there, jobs in home based packing and assembly often turn out to be scams that take advantage of these eager applicants.

There are three main methods for detecting a scam. The first is to consider the job from a business perspective. Does a job promising £25 per hour seem realistic, considering that the company could use machinery or employ cheap labour abroad for a fraction of this price? If you can't see how the company makes a profit, it could be because they make money through scams.

The second is to check whether you'll have to pay any kind of upfront fee. These can take many forms - they can be joining or sign up fees, payment for a starter kit or the component parts, or even disguised as delivery fees. Never part with any money upfront - a real job will pay you.

The final method is to conduct thorough research on the company. We recommend that you do this for all work from home jobs, not just those in packing and assembly. The internet has made this kind of research easier than ever - just Google the name of the company and see what appears. A company website is a useful place to begin, but bear in mind that anyone with a computer can create their own website quickly and easily - so don't automatically trust what's here. Look for external reviews as well.

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