Where to find jobs in Home Base

If you are passionate about DIY and home improvement, Home base jobs could be perfect for you. Homebase have stores all across the UK and are almost always hiring. Homebase offers the following job positions;

  • Service Team
  • Showroom Seasonal Team
  • Operations Team
  • Team Leaders
  • Profit Protection
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Retail Operations
  • Commercial Trading
  • E-Commerce
  • Distribution

So wherever you're looking for a graduate position following the completion of your degree or if you are simply looking for extra money over Christmas, there are jobs in Home base for you.

Before you start looking for that perfect job, make sure your CV is up to date. You'll also need a covering letter. Draft one that fits the Homebase company profile and add in why you would work well in the company. Make sure that your CV really sells who you are, it's there to tell the employer who you are before they get the chance to meet you, so make a good impression.

You can enquire about vacancies at your local Homebase store, or you can look online at one of the sites below to find your perfect Home base jobs;

  • mygraduatejobsearch.co.uk
  • homebasecareers.com
  • homebase.co.uk
  • jobvacanciesadvice.co.uk/homebase-jobs
  • jobscareersadvice.co.uk/homebase-jobs
  • jobrapido.co.uk
  • reed.co.uk

After you've found the job you were looking for and have sent off your application get yourself prepared for an interview. If you get a call inviting you down to complete one ask what the dress code will be. It won't sound silly to the employer, in fact it will show that you want to make a good impression and you don't want to have to get your suit out of storage for nothing. When you go to your interview try to relax, but don't worry about coming across as nervous, people always do in interviews. Just try your best and you'll be fine.

Good luck!

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