Be wary of jobs in home assembly UK

Work from home jobs can be a fantastic option for a range of people. Perhaps you're a stay at home mum who would like to ease yourself back into the workforce, or a recent retiree who would like to earn some extra income. Perhaps you live in a remote location, or maybe you just want flexible working hours and no commute. Whatever your reasons, working from home can be a wonderful way to make money from the comfort of your own home.

But unfortunately, work from home jobs can occasionally turn out to be scams. This is especially true for jobs in home assembly in the UK.

Jobs in home assembly may be advertised online, or in local media. You may even receive a flyer in the post. No matter how professional the company seems, always be sure to conduct thorough research before applying. Preferably, you want to track down current or previous employees (and not the ones that the company directs you to!) and ask about their experiences. Online forums are a great way to do this.

Home assembly jobs often work like this: you'll be required to purchase an assembly back, containing all the component parts you need. These packs can be very expensive, sometimes costing hundreds of pounds. There may also be a sign up fee.

Once you've completed the assembly work, the company say that they will buy the finished product off you - but they often find a reason to reject it or they offer such low prices that you'll be operating at a loss.

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