Search for jobs in Highland Region

Lochs, mountains, glens and heather: Highland Region may be among the UK's most beautiful areas, but there isn't a great deal of industry. Inverness is an exception, and the town's burgeoning electronics sector may offer the best chance of jobs in the Highland Region.

Although the economic situation has slowed growth, Inverness is a boom area for small electronics and high-tech companies. Skilled workers in these areas are in demand. S1 jobs (s1jobs.com) or the Scotsman newspaper (scotsman.com) will advertise many of the opportunities in these industries.

Otherwise, most full time job opportunities in the region are in public sector occupations. The office of Scottish Natural Heritage (snh.gov.uk) has relocated from Edinburgh and is a substantial employer in Inverness.

The largest employer in the area, Highland Council (highland.gov.uk) provides details and application forms for all its vacancies on its website. Jobs range from executive positions, on salaries exceeding £30,000 a year, to kitchen assistants paid around the minimum wage on an hourly basis.

Notions of the Highlands as a land of freedom and the great outdoors might be slightly misguided, but the Forestry Commission Scotland (forestry.gov.uk) is a major employer in the region. Its staff cover a variety of roles from rangers and woodland managers to information officers. Check the latest openings and details of training schemes and recruitment procedures on the website.

The tourist industry remains a vital part of the Highland economy, and restaurant and hotel jobs in Highland region are plentiful. There is strong competition for these jobs, and pay tends to be low by the UK standards. Check Gumtree (gumtree.com) or the local press for details of vacancies. Many of these jobs are seasonal, so consider sending off applications in spring if you are interested in working a summer season.


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