Jobs in Heathrow airport security

The individuals with jobs in Heathrow airport security are tasked with a busy and challenging role. Heathrow is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the fourth busiest in the world. With such a large volume of people passing through the airport it is paramount that effective security measures are in place.

Secuity officers oversee the security of the airport, passengers and flights, particularly against the threat of terrorism. Special training is needed in the form of a security guard licence and employment opportunities are still growing.

The airport is owned and operated by the British Airport Authority (BAA). Security workers make up almost half of BAA's staff and they work around the clock to ensure that stringent security levels are met. Working for BAA you'll receive full and ongoing training and there may be opportunities for you to gain promotion if you wish.

As a large employer BAA is always recruiting. To apply for jobs in Heathrow Airport security you follow the guidelines set out on the BAA's job page. If you are successful at the initial stages of selection and pass all security and reference checks, you will be offered a contract of employment.

The operational requirements mean that airport security are needed to work shifts, bank holidays and seasonal holiday periods.

You'll need to be sensitive to peoples needs and issues while at the same time efficient and reassuring in enforcing a highly secure environment by operating X-ray equipment, searching passengers and luggage and checking ID and vehicles.

Security is an extremely high profile issue and people wth jobs in Heathrow Airport security are there to provide a safe environment for staff and passengers as they embark on their journeys. Every day you will come into contact with a huge variety of people and your professionalism and attitude can make a huge difference to someone's journey.


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