We look for jobs at halls of residence in the United Kingdom

Colleges and universities offer quite a wide range of employment opportunities for many people, from information technology specialists to administrative and clerical staff through to the obvious ones like lecturers and guest speakers. However there are a number of much less known positions that are just as important for the welfare and success of any school's students.

We are referring, of course, to jobs at halls of residence throughout the United Kingdom's colleges and universities. While they certainly won't be the first jobs you think of when you think of working at an educational facility, there are a number of very important positions available for those who want to do their best to help.

With so many students on campus at many colleges and universities throughout the country, it can be a tricky job to ensure that they're all safe and happy. In order to ensure this, many places employ a Director of Residence Life.

For a position such as this, at least five years worth of experience is usually required working with large bodies of students, as well as supervising and managing staff. The aim of this job is to ensure that life in the halls of residence is as smooth as possible for all involved, with the establishment and maintenance of open lines of communication a key aim. For this kind of position, one could expect to earn anywhere between £45,000 and £70,000 depending on how prestigious the school in question is, as well as the amount of experience the applicant has.

There are many other positions available in halls of residence, ranging from maintenance to supervisory positions, but this was simply an example to show you that there are a whole range of untapped job opportunities out there for anyone interested in working with students.

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