Finding jobs in Gwent

Gwent is a county in Wales that contains Monmouthshire and Newport, amongst other places. It’s home to over 560,000 people which can create a lot of competition for jobs in Gwent.

Careers Centres

There are nine career centres in Gwent where you can get career’s advice free of charge. They are located in Abertillery, Blackwood, Cwmbran, Ebbw Vale, Pontypool, Newport, Abergavenny, Chepstow and Monmouth. This is an ideal place for school and college leavers to get advice on careers and it is also somewhere that any job seeker can go to look for work.


Industries in Gwent vary from town to town. In Newport engineering, retail and information technology companies can be found. Abergavenny is a market town that employs a lot of people through tourism and other service industries because it’s ‘The Gateway to Wales.’ Pontypool is historically seen as a dormitory town that people commute from to nearby Newport, but it is now offering its residents the chance to work within its borders as a £13m scheme is regenerating the town and offering new work.


Recruitment agencies can be found in all major towns and cities within Gwent. They are easy to register with and are becoming increasingly important as they often have jobs that are not advertised in any other way.

Employment Websites

Sites like monsterwales.com and jobsite.co.uk offer the opportunity to apply for work online. Users can upload their CV and make it visible to recruiters or get advice on interview techniques and how to write a successful CV.

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