Fantastic Jobs in Gucci retail

Gucci is among the big names, not just in fashion, but in “high society” fashion. Perhaps most importantly, fashion enthusiasts get big discounts on Gucci and Gucci sister company bags, shoes, watches, and more.

The word Gucci is associated with class and luxury. In 2008, it has earned 4.2 Billion Euros in revenue and has around 278 stores under direct operation all over the world. In United Kingdom alone, there are 13 stores and three of them are inside airport duty frees. The others are in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow. It’s no wonder that people would like to build their career by being part of this stable and prestigious company.

There are two main career options at Gucci. One would be working at the Head Office of the Gucci Group that is also an umbrella for other brands. The other path would be looking for jobs at Gucci retail store locations.

To apply for a retail position, contact their human resources department to learn about available positions. You can apply to the nearest branch by submitting your CV there. At the interview, wear simple yet elegant work attire. Appearance and confidence is key to a successful retail career. Be fashion smart, and visit Gucci stores to familiarise yourself with their products and customer service. You will also need to undergo a background and credit check. Better yet, ask for tips from people who worked for or are still working for Gucci.

According to surveys, Gucci Group employees receive signing and year-end bonuses, vacation leaves, medical benefits and reimbursements. The environment can be a bit competitive, but retail associates receive around 3% commissions above their base salary. Lastly, the name Gucci gives you leverage if ever you choose to apply to other companies.

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