What are your prospects for jobs if you graduate starting September 2011

If you're entering your final year in college or university then you're probably starting to get a little concerned as to how things will look for your prospects of jobs if you graduate starting September 2011. Given the level of hysteria and doom mongering in the British media in recent years, that's definitely understandable in our opinion. There is a generation of school goers out there who are currently terrified to have to enter the job market because of this blanket media coverage - but are things really as bad as they say they are?

Fortunately, the answer is a resounding no. It would definitely appear that the worst of it is over for the British economy. Unless we see another major European country's economy collapse, it looks like things will get a little easier from this point onwards.

While the concern is always that Greece or Portugal could end up defaulting on their EU bailout repayments, that is starting to look increasingly unlikely, which in turn boosts consumer and lender confidence. With this added confidence we see additional job creation and investment in the future from many companies, which will ultimately lead to a much more graduate friendly atmosphere across the country.

You'll still need to start from the bottom, and in order to give yourself the very best chance of finding work you're likely to need a 2.1 degree at the very least, but all signs point to the fact that things should be looking an awful lot healthier when you graduate next summer.

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