Jobs: Graduate careers starting in September 2011

When you finish your university studies you may be looking to go straight into employment rather than take on additional post graduate studies. Luckily, most major employers offer some kind of graduate scheme or special vacancies for recent graduates. Jobs for graduate careers starting September 2011 are not likely to ask for previous experience as the company will be aware you have just graduated and will be willing to take you on without prior work experience in their field.


Improving your chances of graduate careers.

If you've not graduated yet but are looking for immediate graduate positions as soon as you have finished university there are a few things you could do to improve your chances of obtaining a well-paid position.

  • Look for extra work relevant to your career, such as working as a part time administrator if you're looking to go into the business sector. This will give you relevant work experience and place you a little above other applicants.
  • Check your university for any information on graduate careers or what you can do as soon as you graduate.
  • Have your CV professionally edited by either lecturers, paid editors online or employment agencies.
  • Apply for graduate jobs as soon as they open. Some jobs will allow you to apply even if you haven't finished your studies and will wait for your results. However, only apply for positions which specifically state they are willing to wait for results.


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