How to spot jobs from home that are not scams

We've all heard the horror stories. We've all seen the ridiculous ads (earn $100,00 per hour with Google, anyone?). Sometimes it's hard to believe that there are jobs from home that are not scams.

But tens of thousands of workers in the UK do genuinely make money while working from home. Once you find a work from home position, you'll be one of the lucky telecommuters who doesn't need to spend an hour on the train every day, who doesn't need to dry clean their suits every weekend and, most importantly, who doesn't need to fit their lives around their jobs.

Here are some tips to help you spot scams:

  • Watch out for intrusive advertising (like ads that pop up while you're browsing or any unsolicited / spam emails you may receive). Real opportunities don't need to try so hard to be found.
  • Trust your instincts. It's a cliché, but it's true: if it sounds too good be true, it probably is. If there really were jobs were you could earn hundreds of pounds per hour online, everyone would be doing them. Jobs from home exist, but they involve real work and realistic levels of pay.
  • If you're suspicious, contact the employer. You can tell a lot about the company (or fraudster!) by how they respond to your query. Genuine employers will be happy to arrange a video conference or put you in touch with existing employees.
  • Search for reviews online. Google the name of the company and see what other people have to say. Freelance forums can be a great source of information for anyone looking for work from home jobs.

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