What you need to know about jobs from home online

Jobs from home online can open up a whole new world of career opportunities to anybody who’s got the right skills, personality and experience. Here we offer some advice and guidance to work from home jobseekers...

What are jobs from home online?

As more and more companies move their business online, more and more job openings are created in the digital world. Consider your current or previous job – would it have been possibly to carry out the same roles from home over an internet connection? For 60% of people, the answer is yes.

What sort of companies offer jobs from home online?

You’ll find online jobs with a range of companies, from small digital start ups to huge corporations like BT.

What qualifications and experience do I need to get online jobs from home?

You should have strong IT skills and a good work ethic for all online jobs. In terms of specific levels of qualifications and experience, these are largely in line with what you would expect from office based jobs with a similar scope. However, because work from home opportunities are likely to receive more applications, you may need an edge to stand out from the competition.

How will I be paid?

If you are classed as a telecommuting employee of a company, they will most likely pay you a net salary via bank transfer. If you are freelance, you will usually be paid a gross salary (i.e. you need to organise your own taxes) via Paypal or similar.


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