Jobs offering free work at home in assembly

Jobs offering free work at home in assembly can be a great source of casual employment, perfect for anyone who wants to earn some extra money while keeping a full time commitment, such as childcare, education or another job.

What are jobs in home assembly?

Jobs in home assembly usually involve fairly simple manufacturing, such as putting together CD cases or arranging pre-slotted parts.

Why should I look for free jobs in home assembly?

Unfortunately, there are many scams associated with home assembly jobs. One common one is that you buy the parts to be assembled, and the scammer promises to buy the assembled product back off you at a profit. However, once you've completed the job, the scammer will refuse to buy the products, usually citing quality issues. The best way to avoid these scams is to only apply for jobs that are free - that is, jobs that don't involve any kind of upfront fee (which may also be described as a training fee, membership fee or sign up fee).

How much can I earn with jobs in home assembly?

Don't expect to get rich quick with jobs in home assembly. Hourly pay usually hovers around the minimum wage mark (£5.93), but as you gain speed and experience, you may earn an extra £1 or £1.50 per hour.

What skills or qualifications do I need for jobs in home assembly?

These jobs tend to be entry level, unskilled jobs - so anyone is free to apply for a job in home assembly.

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