Jobs for stay at home mums in the UK

Looking for jobs for stay at home mums in the UK? Here are some of the best opportunities...

  • Freelance writing: writing is especially suited to stay at home mums because it is so flexible. You can plan your working day around your children and family life, and not the other way around. The majority of freelance positions don't require you to have any specific qualifications or experience - so if you're a good writer, this could be the role for you.
  • Child care: why not combine spending time with your own children with earning money as you care for someone else's? This is a great choice for mums with young kids, who need to spend long hours supervising them and keeping them entertained. Many private childcare vacancies will either involve parents dropping kids off at your house, or you bringing your kids along to someone else's house.
  • Dog walking: are the kids spending all day in front of the TV? Why not kill two birds with the one stone by enlisting their companionship on a daily dog walk? You'd be surprised by the number of pet owners who would respond to a well written advert advertising your services.
  • Building pet enclosures: sticking with the pet theme, have you ever considered building a kennel or a rabbit hutch? Well, probably not - it is a little out there - but this can be a really lucrative business. Mums can be just as handy with tools as dads, and once you master the basics you'll find that constructing these products is surprisingly straightforward.

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