Top jobs for people who want to work from home

There are a wide range of jobs for people who want to work from home. In fact, the choice is getting wider and wider every day, as more companies realise the many benefits of allowing staff to work from home. Unfortunately, not every job can be performed on a work from home basis (retail and medical jobs spring to mind!). But if you're looking for some fresh ideas, check out these opportunities:

  • Gift basket producer: making gift baskets may seem old fashioned when compared to most other modern work from home jobs. But gift basket making requires a whole range of skills that add variety to your working day and make this a truly rewarding career path. Firstly, you'll have to have a eye for a bargain and a good business sense in order to buy items wholesale. Then your creative flair comes to the fore as you design and decorate the baskets. Finally, you'll be flexing your sales muscles as you sell your baskets to customers or stockists.
  • Freelance writer: many people have romantic notions about writing, and those people are likely to be sorely disappointed when the realise that the majority of work from home writing jobs are centred around commercial interests. However, there is a high demand for good writers and a steady stream of work waiting if you're willing to put in the research.
  • Audio typist: you can teach yourself to touch type in a couple of days, and once you've gained speed, you could make a pretty penny by transcribing audio tapes.

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