Top jobs for mothers returning to work

Are you a mother who is thinking about returning to work? Whether you've been off on maternity leave or you've been a stay at home mum for years, getting back into the workforce is never easy. The harsh reality is that, in today's economic climate, mothers who would have otherwise liked to stay at home have to consider getting a job to make ends meet. And with unemployment figures soaring, it can be very difficult to find a position - particularly if you've been out of the workforce for a while.

However, there are ways to ease yourself back into a work routine, and ways to track down opportunities when all seems hopeless. When it comes to jobs for mothers returning to work, we recommend work from home jobs.

With work from home jobs, you can re-enter the workforce at the shallow end. It's likely that you'll be able to fit your position around your current daily routine, which probably includes childcare. Plus, time saved on the commute can be spent with your family.

So how do you find work from home jobs? In an age where everything has gone digital, it may surprise you that few vacancies are actually advertised on major job search sites. That's because work from home jobs tend to be casual or temporary in nature, but it can cost hundreds of pounds to advertise a vacancy on these sites. Therefore employers often prefer to publicise jobs on free sites - like Gumtree, the local media and by good old fashioned word of mouth. Don't be afraid to use your contacts to find vacancies!

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