Different jobs for maths graduates

Mathematicians have the ability to organise their work logically, approach and solve problems, analyse situations and learn quickly - as well as be very good with numbers. Most employers are keen to hire someone with these abilities and these skills are even perfect for management roles in business, or finance roles. Jobs for maths graduates can either be in full time positions or apprenticeship type vacancies, which only last for about a year period but allow you to build up necessary experience and gain some more valuable on the job training.

Most degrees do not equip you for a job by giving you the training required. Instead, they test your ability to learn a subject and develop your skills at learning task quickly, particularly in maths. Most employers appreciate this ability as you'll need to learn their trade fast to be goo at the job.

Jobs for maths graduates can be found in almost any sector, especially because the organisation and logic skills you learn in your degree are highly sought. However, the top industries for maths graduates are:

Scientific Research, Design and Development

Large companies or government schemes are always looking to develop their research platform. Governments can use maths graduates for statistical data whereas other organisations may require someone to calculate and balance market data, or oversee large research projects.

Management and Computing

Management opportunities require someone who is articulate, organised and logical - the kind of skills a maths graduate has. Computing is also a brilliant industry to enter as the ever changing face of technology requires companies to hire quick learners who are very numerical to keep up with the technological industry.


You don't always need to be qualified as an accountant to train as one. Many companies are looking for individuals who are excellent with numbers to help balance the books, or take on a learning role to become the company's financial advisor or accountant.

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