Jobs for creative people with decent salaries explored

If you’re thinking of doing something for a living that flexes your creativity, what sort of jobs are there for you? Jobs for creative people don’t have to be low paying work where the love of the art far outweighs the cash. We all need money to survive and we probably do our best work when we don’t have to worry about cash, so what sort of jobs are there for creative types that offer a decent wage?
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Graphic designer

So you might not have grown up wanting to be a graphic designer but this is a job that will scratch that creative itch. Influencing a company’s branding, their advertising and package designs can make for a satisfying week at work. If you’ve got a head for business, you could branch out and start up your own firm because this is a specialist job where your individuality plays a major part in your success.

Advertising exec

This is a field where truly creative minds can thrive. If you can think outside the box, your firm could get a jump on their competitors and you could create something that the nation falls in love with. Wouldn’t you have loved to have been the one who suggested changing the name of a well-known comparison site to Compare the Meerkat or the person who came up with the immortal “Just Do It” slogan for Nike?

Game designer

Aside from great creativity, you’ll also need a lot of technical skills in order to become a game designer. Today games are bigger than movies so this is an area crying out for truly gifted types. In the UK we are blessed with lots of great and very innovative firms so this is a marketplace waiting for you to knock down its door with some truly memorable idea.

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