Where to find jobs for Christmas

Jobs for Christmas are often plentiful as it is a time of the year which can be an extremely busy for many organisations, primarily those in the retail, catering or hospitality sectors.

Often, around September, organisations will begin to advertise for Christmas staff who will be employed from November through to Christmas or just after to support the organisation in the period just after, through to the New Year. If you check the Royal Mail website you will be able to find information on applying for a Christmas job. The Royal Mail offers a variety of vacancies covering many different shift patterns and you can select a working pattern to suit you and your family commitments. There are two ways in which to search for a job on the Royal Mail website. You can either enter a reference number if you have found an advertised job elsewhere, or you can search through the jobs bank for suitable vacancies. To search for a job, type ‘Christmas’ in the Keyword/location field which will take you through to a page which lists all of the current vacancies.  You can then search through the lists and apply accordingly.

Many retail stores will also advertise for Christmas staff and you can either search and apply through their respective websites or contact your local store. Some stores which regularly advertise for Christmas staff include Argos, Boots, the major supermarkets such as Morrison’s, Sainsbury, Tesco and Asda, or large department stores. Ensure though that you start looking in September and apply early to have the best possible chance of securing temporary employment, as vacancies are soon filled.

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