We recommend some jobs for 17 year old students

Are you a youngster looking to snag your first job? There is a huge demand for young people to fill positions on a casual basis, so if you are on the hunt for a job, we've found the best sites for you to check for jobs for 17 year old students. So if you don't fancy getting out there and pounding the streets with C.V's, then it's not problem!

Such is the demand for young people to work casual jobs, that the internet is awash with places you can go to secure these jobs. The first place we suggest you check out is Gumtree, as this is easily the best place on the internet to secure a casual job. You can check out the full range of casual and part-time work on their site at Gumtree.com.

Apart from Gumtree, there are also a host of fantastic job sites geared exclusively towards students. The first of these sites we recommend checking out is www.student-jobs.co.uk/. This site is perfect for students as it allows you to search for summer jobs, Christmas positions, even casual once-off work and working holidays. It even gives advice on getting a brilliant casual job for yourself, so we can't recommend it enough!

Finally, you need to check out Student Gems at www.studentgems.com/. This site specialises in getting you casual jobs abroad, so if you want to travel on a shoestring budget, then this site will allow you to do it, as you can set up employment for yourself before you even leave. Perfect eh?



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