Find the best jobs for 16 year olds wanting part time work

Having a part time job while you're still at school has many benefits. You can earn extra money, which enables you to treat yourself to new clothes/games/outings. Most teenagers love the sense of independence that this gives them. Having a part time job also gives you valuable experience in a variety of industries, and can help foster a strong work ethic. Of course you don't want it to distract from your studies and for your schoolwork to suffer, but luckily having a part time job allows for you to commit to as much or as little time that suits. There are many ways to find jobs for 16 year olds part time.

Firstly, you need to put together a strong CV. List any qualifications you have from school, especially GCSE or equivalent results. Make sure you show that you are a well rounded individual by listing any extra-curricular activities or clubs that you are involved with. You can find excellent templates for CV layout at cvwriting.net.

Restaurants and cafes are great places to find your first part time job. You can work either as a waiter or waitress, or behind the scenes as a kitchen porter or cleaner. These jobs are easy to fit around your school schedule, and though the pay may not be much, you can supplement your earnings with tips. Hand your CV into places local to you, or search gumtree.co.uk who have a part time jobs section that regularly advertises restaurant jobs.

Working in promotions is a fun and flexible job, and a great way to network and meet new people. If you're the confident and enthusiastic type, you can earn pocket money handing out flyers, giving out samples, and even dressing up to promote a brand! promojobspro.com and stuckforstaff.com are great websites to sign up for this kind of work.

Working as a mystery shopper is another handy part time job for 16 year olds. You visit places such as shops/restaurants/train stations "undercover" and assess the quality of their service, then fill out a feedback form for the company. mysteryshopperjobs.co.uk is just one of many websites that provide work in this area.

So what are you waiting for? Get looking and find the perfect job for you today. The world is full of great jobs for 16 year olds that are part time, and with the right attitude and approach they are yours for the taking!

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