Top jobs for English speaking people abroad!

Interested in jobs for English speaking people abroad? The ability to speak English as a native tongue can be a huge advantage to anyone who wants to work abroad. We take a look at some of the best opportunities open to you:

  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language: English teachers are in high demand throughout Europe, South America, Africa and, in particular, Asia. To teach English in Europe you'll normally need a recognised teaching qualification and a couple of years' experience under your belt. But many schools in Asia are willing to accept a TEFL certificate and a third level qualification in any subject. You'll find plenty of vacancies in China, Japan and South Korea - three of the most popular countries in the world for TEFL.
  • Volunteering abroad: There are really two types of international volunteering: the type that you pay to do for a few weeks that's fun and, in the long term, not very advantageous to the local community (e.g. volunteering to look after pandas without any scientific knowledge or to build schools if you don't have any building expertise). Then there's the type of volunteers who really do make a difference and even save lives. These volunteers are usually skilled in medicine, community development, teaching or a trade, among others. This can be the most fulfilling of all work abroad jobs.
  • Holiday reps: In resorts that are popular with Britons, there will be vacancies for English speaking holiday reps. You'll need to be outgoing with excellent customer service skills.

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