Types of Jobs Driving Vans

There are many types of jobs driving vans, but the most popular kind of transport jobs come from working with a courier company. If you have a license to drive a van or HGV you could work for a private courier company, or find temporary contract work with private couriers.


Package Delivering

One of the type of jobs driving vans is the delivery of goods or small packages. Normally, clothing companies use private couriers to deliver goods or process returns to their warehouse, but other companies also use these kind of services. You may be asked to test to drive an arctic if the company deals with larger goods. Depending on the type of contract you'll only be required to move goods across the UK, unless the company delivers internationally. Some popular package courier companies are DHL, Parcel Force and Royal Mail.


Private Courier Services

You could obtain private courier jobs for driving vans by approaching companies directly or by looking for smaller companies that deal exclusively with courier services (as opposed to Parcel Force, for example, which deal with delivering and processing packages internationally and offer their services to thousands of companies). Some businesses may be looking for a courier of their own to pay a salary to, but you may be required to own your own van. If you work for a private courier company you could also provide your own van rather than lease one from the company and will be able to use that as your vehicle outside work (again, larger companies like DHL and Parcel Force have their own vans exclusively for business us).


Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed trucking are long haul jobs for driving vans and normally work internationally transporting heavy equipment. This is a dangerous form of courier services and requires longer hours or working with dangerous materials, but the pay is considerably higher than other courier jobs (around £13 per hour).


Self Employed

One of the best types of jobs driving vans is becoming self employed. If you own a van and are fully insured you could look into starting your own courier service for businesses or individuals. Some companies may be interesting in hiring a driver for short periods of time but you could always build up a good track record by transporting items for individuals, such as home moves.

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