Are you looking for jobs in a doctors surgery in the Midlands?

  • renjith krishnan

Jobs at doctors surgery in the Midlands are available on a regular basis. This is a heavily populated region, and as a result there are many doctors surgeries in the Midlands. Many of these are large health centres providing a very comprehensive range of services and as such having a high number of staff members.

If you are looking at jobs in doctors surgery in Midlands, there are several places you could try. The recruitment sections of both the national and local newspapers will list vacancies in this field and region from receptionist to surgery managers to medical staff. You could also register with the major recruitment agencies such as Adecco, Reed and Manpower who will have details of any vacancies and jobs at doctors surgery in Midlands.

Alternatively you could consult a recruitment agency who specialises in medical jobs such as freshmedical.com, firstcallmedical.co.uk or jobs.gponline.com. These will all have details of all jobs that are at doctors surgery and Midlands based whether full time and permanent roles or for locum and maternity or sick cover jobs.

The NHS is of course the biggest employer for medical staff at doctors surgeries, given that these are nearly always NHS run. This applies to whether the role is for a surgery or health centre partnership, or at Primary Care Trust level. Receptionists and other support staff may not be employed by the NHS but by the surgery itself. Practice nurses and supply nurses may be employed by a nursing agency and you may find that some of the roles linked to the doctors surgery are with Social Services, for example.


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