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There could be a number of reasons that you are currently looking for the latest jobs in Cork part time. Some students choose to work part time in order to help fund their studies, others might already have a full time career an need an extra earner to make ends meet.

Part time work will usually require you to work up to 20 hours per week spread over any amount of days. For instance, delivering dairy products to supermarkets might require you to work 2 hours each morning for 5 days whilst a bar person might work 10 hour shifts on Fridays and Saturdays.

The easiest way to find jobs in Cork part time is by dropping your CV into as many local businesses as you can. The streets of Cork have all types of retail outlets and loads of bars and clubs as well.

Cork has 3 major shopping centres, all of which have many outlets offering part time opportunities. Jobs can be found on their websites but we still urge you to call in with your CV. Check out the following shopping centres:

  • Mahon Point Shopping Centre
  • Merchants Quay Shopping Centre
  • Wiltons Shopping Centre

As we already mentioned, bars and clubs also require part time staff to work some of the busier times. Clubs in cork are open late every night of the week. You should expect to work long shifts during evening and weekends. A bar person in Cork City Centre would earn roughly €10 per hour.

You could also check out parttimejobs.ie or jobs.ie for the latest jobs in Cork part time.

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