Plenty of Construction Jobs in Edinburgh

In the construction industry one in four of all jobs are in skilled trades such as carpenter, roofer, mason and painter. UK construction companies are optimistic that activity will increase over the coming year meaning job prospects for construction tradesmen and labour in Edinburgh are good.

Tradesmen and labour work can be very active and strenuous. The ability to get on with others is important and you can be working outside under many different weather conditions.

Jobs for tradesmen and labour can offer prospects for school leavers. If you have good eyesight, manual dexterity and are not afraid of hard work, this career will appeal to you.

To become a tradesman you must pass specialist accredited trades training courses which are conducted nation-wide. Labour is always needed and you do not require any formal qualification to do this job.

Every person working on a construction site in the UK needs to have a health and safety pass also known as a CSCS card. They are an easy way to prove that you are competent in your occupation and have health and safety awareness.

Finding jobs for tradesmen in Edinburgh can be hard work if you don't use the right tools such as newspapers, jobsites and recruitment agencies.

Newspapers such as The Scotsman have a job supplement on a Friday advertising jobs in the construction industry.

Jobsites such as Construction Jobs UK and Constructor.co.uk provide up to date information on all sorts of trade and labour jobs.

Options Employment North is an independent recruitment service whose strengths are sourcing construction jobs throughout all of Scotland.

The construction industry will continue to require a high proportion of skilled trades and labour. Whatever your skills or experience, the jobs prospects for construction tradesmen and labour in Edinburgh are very good.

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