Interested in jobs in construction for the Olympic Village in London?

With less than a year to go until the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games, work is gathering pace on the construction of the Olympic Village and Park. There are thousands of jobs in construction for the Olympic Village in London that you can apply for now.

The Olympic Village, the home of the athletes during the games, will be situated in the Olympic Park, which stretches from Hackney Marshes to the Docklands in London.

The range of vacancies at the Olympic Village in London is impressive. There are openings for steel fixers, electricians, engineers, bricklayers and carpenters during the huge construction effort. A public body, the Olympic Delivery Authority, is responsible for the construction of venues for the 2012 Games. You can browse through the vacancies available with the ODA on the official website; London2012.com.

To secure jobs in construction for the Olympic Village in London, you'll need to have passed the Health and Safety test. This is a mandatory requirement for all construction workers in the UK. You can book the test with Construction Skills, and it's available now for £17.50.

The test is conducted in a mobile testing unit on touch screen PCs, and there's a range of books, CDs and DVDs you can get to help you through.

Wages vary between the various construction jobs on offer in the Olympic Village. Qualified tradesmen and engineers can expect to earn over 40k, while labourers will be paid the going rate of £10 an hour.


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