Construction jobs in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a purpose-built large town in the south east of England and home to over 200,000 people. The town is located equidistant from London, Birmingham, Leicester, Oxford and Cambridge with the intention that it would eventually become a major regional centre in its own right. With government plans to double the population by 2025, jobs in construction in Milton Keynes can offer you a promising future.

The proposals for the next phase of expansion in Milton Keynes moves to large scale, mixed use, higher density development. As the first stage in that plan the government expanded the boundaries of the designated area, adding large green-field sites that are to be developed by 2015.

New proposals for a redevelopment project in Milton Keynes have been given the go ahead, which will help generate more construction jobs in the area. The government has approved the delivery of 400 new homes, new office and retail space and a 200-bed hotel. Construction work is scheduled to start in 2012.

Network Rail's plans to bring up to 3,000 employees together under one roof in the company's new National Centre in Milton Keynes is also going ahead. BAM Construction was awarded the contract to build the 400,000 square foot facility.

The construction industry is offering a huge range of careers and opportunities to suit all talents and aspirations. Jobs in construction in Milton Keynes can offer prospects to people from school leavers to experienced project managers.

Career fairs, recruitment agencies, jobsites and newspapers are actively advertising jobs in construction in Milton Keynes. Jobseekers who concentrate their efforts on these resources should enjoy the best prospects.

The construction sector in Milton Keynes will continue to grow as new projects get approved. The sunny south east is an irresistible place to work and jobs in construction in Milton Keynes can offer you a bright future.

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