How to find jobs working for the construction industry in Liverpool

Finding jobs that are construction based in Liverpool takes time and a bit of effort. However, there are so many opportunities to find well-paid jobs in this field that it's worth the hassle. Here are some ideas on finding the job that's right for you.

It's important to think about what sector of the construction industry you want to work in. Do you like working with your hands and fancy a job in the building trade or are you better at managing people or projects? There's work available for all, from unskilled manual labour right through to very highly-paid jobs in top management positions.

Looking for a job online can save you sore feet and lots of wasted time. Your first stop should be Careersinconstruction.com. This job hunting site has over one thousand jobs available at any one time. Vacancies are in such areas as construction management, building services, architecture and construction engineering. You can narrow your search down to jobs in the Liverpool area, as well as by job type.

Another specialist construction industry website is Building4jobs.com which, again, allows you to search for vacancies in the Liverpool area alone.

Of course, there's still the old-fashioned ways of looking for work. A trawl through The Liverpool Echo and Liverpool Post will turn up jobs from the smaller companies that never find their way online. This method of finding work can be very useful in locating part-time, or more casual, employment.

If you want to be more pro-active you should send your CV, with a covering letter, to the larger construction companies in Liverpool asking to be considered for any vacancies that may arise. You can find details of these by searching online or by using the Yellow Pages. Your local job centre should be able to help too. Here are some examples of the type of businesses you should be looking for.

Bluepoint Construction Ltd (bluepointconstruction.co.uk) work in the civil engineering and groundwork sector. They deal with excavations, drainage, roads and sewer work.

For more general work, you could try ETB Building and Mechanical Services Ltd (etbbuilders.co.uk). They specialise in joinery, brickwork, roofing and flagging and do a lot of work for local government and schools.

Finally, Crosby Construction (crosbyconstructionltd.com) deal with housing work, mostly providing extensions and home improvements for private dwellings.


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