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A quick search of the internet will bring up hundreds of results for jobs for construction workers in Belfast. Although the construction sector has more or less disappeared, there are still hundreds of opportunities for you to find employment in this unique city.

NIjobs.com is the perfect starting point where you can search for that perfect job via category. Civil engineers, estimators, and labourers are just some of the options available for you to narrow down that search.

There are plenty of jobs in Belfast that fall under the labourer category. One such position being offered is that of a cherry picker. Alison Gray recruitment have the job advertised and are immediately seeking four workers to take up this role on a full-time temporary basis. To apply, you must be the holder of a PTS card. Duties for this job include general labouring work on the upgrade or construction of new railway lines and stations.

Applicants must be flexible, and in return for your hard work, the recruiters are offering the successful applicants £6 per hour.

Another job that has recently been posted is for the position of site manager. This position is being offered through Hays specialist recruitment. The position requires the newly appointed manager to be involved with the construction phase on new sites from Greenfield to completion. Applicants must be computer literate and have a good working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite.

This is a Full time permanent position that offers the successful applicant between £25,000 and £35,000 per annum. To apply for any of these jobs or to browse from thousands more available, just visit NIjobs.com.

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