Plenty of Newcastle Upon Tyne cleaning jobs

Newcastle is a hive of activity in the job market, with the local economy more than rebounded from a period of stagnation. One result of this is the absolutely massive amount of jobs cleaning Newcastle Upon Tyne that have become available in busy firms. In this blog we're going to detail the type of cleaning jobs you can expect to get.

There are plenty of places to look for cleaning jobs in Newcastle. The Job Centre, Gumtree, local newspapers, but in this blog we'll be showing you what the excellent www.indeed.co.uk can do for you with their extensive job listings.

Indeed currently have around fifty cleaner jobs advertised in the Newcastle area at http://www.indeed.co.uk/Cleaner-jobs-in-Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Here you'll find the listings to put you in touch with the cleaning job you require.

One such listing is from Angel Human Resources, who are looking for an experienced cleaner to work on a short term temporary contract based in Seaham. You will get a wage of £6.29 an hour for this job.

Sodexo on Tyneside are currently looking for a cleaner to join their Tyneside staff, with the rate of payment set at £5.93 an hour. This is a full time position, although hours can and do vary.

If you're looking for something a little more managerial, then Capital Cleaning Equipment are looking to hire Contract Cleaners that will earn £30,000 - £42,000 a year. All of these jobs are available on www.indeed.co.uk.

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