Are jobs cleaning in York up your street?

We know that finding work can be a tough task these days, particularly given the fact that there are currently so many people out of work that you will likely be up against hundreds of other applicants no matter which job you apply for. This clearly isn't great news for anyone searching for a job at the moment, however there are certain industries where there are plenty of positions available right now.

Once such industry is the cleaning industry. There are plenty of jobs cleaning in York available working in either the private sector or for businesses. With so many positions on offer, you aren't going to need any previous experience, although it will do your chances of success no harm at all.

Once you can prove that you are a hard worker and are willing to learn the ropes as quickly as you can, then you should have no problem at all finding a cleaning company to take you on.

We have found that the very best results when searching for this kind of work come not in the residential sector, but working for a cleaning agency specialising in cleaning for medium to large scale businesses. There are plenty of excellent cleaning agencies to be found in the York region, with most paying around £6.20 per hour for entry level positions and anywhere from £7.90 to £8.75 for managerial or supervisory roles.

We recommend you check out the following agencies in order to give yourself the best chance of finding jobs cleaning in York;

  • Active Cleaning, 42C Low Street
  • Molly Maid Cleaners, The Old Bakery, The Green
  • The Cleaner Company, 107 Danebury Drive
  • Commercial Cleaning Company, 75 Alder Way


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