Here are some solutions to finding jobs cleaning in Wigan

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Finding jobs cleaning in Wigan with a cleaning agency is a good way to secure long-term employment. The advantages include regular pay, pension schemes, holiday and sick pay. There can also be opportunities for advancement to supervisory positions.

Some of the cleaning agencies which operate in Wigan include DTR Domestic, Maid2Clean and RapidKlean. Very often candidates can apply for vacancies using the job page of these companies websites. Alternatively you can get contact details online and post a CV and cover letter.

Cleaning is an industry which has remained fairly unaffected by the economic downturn and this is demonstrated by the number of jobs you can find advertised online.

Jobsites such as indeed.co.uk, jobisjob and totaljobs.com have listings for cleaning jobs in Wigan. They provide a job search and job by email service to match candidates skills and requirements.

Jobcentres, local newspapers, radio stations, recruitment agencies and community notice boards are all excellent resources available to anyone looking for cleaning work.

Hotels, guest houses, bars, restaurants and shops, amongst others, all require the services of cleaners. Handing in a CV or speaking to the manager could land you a job.

Many self-employed domestic cleaners post ads in supermarkets, cafes, job shops and public places. They can also post ads online on sites such as Gumtree.

Cleaners are also employed by the council. You can contact them directly or through their website which allows you to search for jobs, view job descriptions and apply online.

Jobs cleaning in Wigan pay about £8 per hour depending on the business. It's never easy starting a new job and cleaning can be difficult at times - but it's an industry that is still providing full time work to a lot of people.


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