Lots of vacancies for jobs in cleaning in Basildon

Jobs in cleaning in Basildon are advertised in many ways. Newspapers, local radio stations, notice boards in supermarkets and the local job centre all carry up to date vacancies for cleaners. Indeed.co.uk and jobisjob.co.uk are two websites with cleaning jobs on them. You can upload an online curriculum vitae and apply online for a cleaning job in which you are interested.

Jobs in cleaning in Basildon are many and varied. Street cleaning, commercial and industrial cleaning, drain cleaning, window cleaning and  domestic cleaning jobs are just a few examples.

Cleaners need to have integrity, attention to detail, be hard working, diligent and good time keepers. If you have these attributes, then jobs cleaning in Basildon would be the ideal job for you.

Jobs in cleaning in Basildon offer flexibility of working hours. Many cleaners go to work when the rest of the workforce goes home. This is especially true of office cleaners, shop cleaners and public building cleaners. As a result, this type of cleaning can suit stay at home mothers, whose husbands work during the day. Evening work suits best and with no child minding costs works out to be more lucrative. Transport to and from the job site is often provided.

TCM Consortium,Ecocleen Essex and ICS are contract cleaning companies in the Basildon area to which someone looking for a cleaning job could apply. The hourly rate ranges from £6.10 to £6.50 per hour.


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