Writing a CV for jobs in cleaning

Jobs in the cleaning industry represent a consistent employment area for job seekers. Submitting a good CV is all-important and here we offer some useful tips to help you improve yours and increase your chances of being called to interview.


Cleaning jobs are often underrated. Nevertheless, they are a vital part of any organisation, and cleaners can expect to find good employment opportunities.

Your cleaning CV should kick-off with a list of attributes that qualify you for the post. State that you are hard working and professional at all times.


Mention your knowledge of handling the various manual and automated tools used for a variety of cleaning purposes (such as floor buffers). Research the company where you are applying for a position. Ensure you know exactly what their responsibilities are, and what their standards will be. Domestic cleaning and industrial cleaning will have different perspectives, although the basics of cleanliness will be universal.

Team work

Ensure your CV gives good examples of your ability to work with other people. Cleaning is rarely a task undertaken by individuals. You are likely to be recruited into a team, so it’s imperative you stress your communication skills.


Depending on where you are going to be cleaning, there is a strong likelihood you’ll be working unsociable hours. Offices and other business premises usually expect cleaning to be undertaken before staff arrive, or after they’ve departed for the evening.


Your CV should include examples of physical fitness. What weight can you lift easily? Do you exercise regularly, so that large areas requiring cleaning will present no problems?


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