Jobs for chefs, cooks in kitchen in Dublin

Jobs chefs cooks kitchen Dublin; these jobs are plentiful and easy to find. Dublin, being the capital city of Ireland is awash with visitors who all need to eat.

No formal qualifications are necessary to work as a chef or cook but they greatly help in securing a job. Also, experience of working in well known and highly thought of kitchens is an added advantage.

There are many types of chefs and cooks.

Chef de Cuisine, more commonly known as the head chef is in overall charge of the kitchen with responsibilities that include creating menus, directing staff in food preparation and ensuring the smooth running of the kitchen. He also may be in charge of ordering ingredients, keeping inventory, comparing prices from wholesalers and developing new menus.

The Sous chef is next in order of rank and is the right hand assistant to the chef de cuisine helping him with many of his duties.

Chefs de Partie are found in larger kitchens and are in charge of particular specialities such as sauces or fish. They direct chefs of a lower rank in the preparation of these items.

The role of a demi chef is similar to that of a chef de partie but he may have no role in supervising other staff.

Pastry  chefs are in charge of creating desserts such as pies, candies, cakes, chocolates, cookies and ice cream.

Jobs as chefs, cooks kitchen Dublin are advertised on many websites such as Gumtree.com, Irish Jobs.ie and Jobsrapido.ie. National papers also have vacancies advertised. Best of luck in your search.


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