jobs for chefs, cooks and kitchen staff in Dublin

Jobs for chefs, cooks and kitchen staff in Dublin will become increasingly available as the tourist season in Ireland approaches. The season runs from Easter to October Bank Holiday.

As a chef, cook, waiter or kitchen assistant you can get work in Dublin in any number of environments from hotels, restaurants, bars, guest houses, catering companies, company canteens and hospitals.

It's not generally a 9-to-5 job - most work in kitchens is on a shift basis over seven days a week - so it won't suit everyone.

Irish restaurateurs pay the second highest wage rate in Europe and you can get full or part-time work in a kitchen without any qualifications. However, you need to be comfortable with pressure and receiving orders.

Salaries for qualified chefs vary a great deal, depending on the size and location of the establishment, volume of business and the chefs reputation.The average salary for a chef in Dublin is approx. 25,000 Euro per annum.

There are many sites which offer jobs to all grades of chefs and kitchen staff.

ChefJobs.ie is particularly good for qualified chefs. It is a place to post your resume and find new opportunities

Chef Jobs is absolutely free. Whether you are seeking a job or an employee you can post your detailed listing at no charge.

The Restaurant Association of Ireland web page also offers an up to date listing of jobs for chefs and cooks.

Irish Jobs.ie, Career Jet.ie and Gumtree.com advertise a large listing of jobs for chefs cooks and kitchen staff in Dublin.


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