Jobs for chefs, cooks and kitchen staff in Bristol

With the advent of the high season for tourists in England it is a good time to start looking for jobs as chefs, cooks or kitchen staff in Bristol.

Bristol is the largest city in southwest England and home to some of the best restaurants.

The city is full of energy and excitement and with a population of 450,000 Bristol has expanded its variety of cuisine so there is something to suit chefs from all disciplines and backgrounds.

Bristol is a thriving financial city and as a chef, cook, waiter or kitchen assistant you can get work in any number of environments from restaurants, hotels, bars, guest houses, catering companies, company canteens and hospitals.

In 2008, Bristol was awarded the " Best City in the UK and Ireland " award by the Academy of Urbanism. As expected many a hotel Bristol noted an increase in reservations after that happened, and many hotels and restaurants continue to be steadily booked.

Independent restaurants in Bristol are thriving, and with more than 100 local dining establishments there is an enormous selection of places for chefs, cooks and kitchen assistants to find work.

Jobs for chefs, cooks and kitchen assistants are advertised daily in local newspapers such as the Bristol Evening Post and the Western Daily Press.

Job Agencies such as Rightchef and ChefsWorld are chef recruitment agencies for hotels and restaurants. They provide a facility to advertise available jobs in the catering industry.

Sites like Catering Vacancies.com specialise in recruiting all levels of staff for the catering industry. Candidates can search for jobs as chefs, cooks and kitchen assistants or sign up to receive eMails of jobs that match their requirements.


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