Find jobs with a charity in Birmingham

Interested in jobs with a charity in Birmingham? Volunteering can be a great way to build up your CV, meet new people and give something back to the community. But finding a volunteer job with a charity can be difficult, simply because charities often don't have an advertising budget to promote vacancies and seek out new volunteers. That doesn't mean that opportunities don't exist - in fact, many charities in Birmingham are crying out for volunteer staff. Here are a few tips to help you find charity work:

  • Use your contacts - do you know someone who volunteers with a charity? Ask them to check for opportunities with the organisation. This is one of the most popular ways for finding volunteer vacancies.
  • Check out free listing websites like Gumtree. While charities are often unwilling to pay to advertise for vacancies, they do take advantage of free publicity to get their message across.
  • An old fashioned shop window search is a highly effective method for fining charity work. Many charities list their current vacancies or appeal for volunteers with a poster in the window.
  • No poster in the window? Don't be afraid to go inside and ask about vacancies. Why not bring along a copy of your CV and a cover letter that explains your availability? That way if you don't get to speak to the manager, you can still pass on your details and they can contact you if they have any openings.

Good luck with your search for volunteer opportunities in Birmingham!


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