How to find the best jobs in catering in London

A great way to find jobs in catering in London is to contact catering companies directly to find out if they're hiring. But, if you want one of the best catering jobs in London, not just any old catering firm will do.

Dish Catering - This top London catering company has been in the business for more than 25 years, and does event catering for everything from weddings and formal dinners, to barbecues and Christmas parties. They're known for being fun, innovative and very good at what they do. Contact them at dishcatering.co.uk.

Rhubarb Catering - Another of London's best catering companies, Rhubarb caters for parties, weddings and other special events, but also operates their own restaurants and bars in some of the coolest places in London - on barges, in museums, and art galleries.

If you're looking for an upscale catering job, where you'll get to try lots of new things and be on the cutting edge of catering, find out more at rhubarb.net.

The Cook and the Butler - Covering everything from canapé receptions to sit-down five-course meals at weddings, banqueting halls and formal dinners, The Cook and the Butler's operations are a more traditionally British.

If you'd love to have one of the catering jobs at St. Paul's Cathedral, The Foreign Press Club or one of London's gorgeous Livery Halls, then The Cook and the Butler is where you should be working. You'll find more information about the company at thecookandthebutler.co.uk.

Don't forget, if you're going to apply for jobs in catering at one of London's top catering companies, you will have to be something special.

Hone your serving, food preparation and people skills, perfect your CV and cover letter, and make sure your interview outfit and interview preparation are absolutely immaculate. You'll be competing with some of the best people in the catering business. Make sure you are one of them.


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