Jobs at Cardiff Airport

Cardiff airport provides services to more than a million travellers every year, to more than 800 global flight destinations. The airport prides itself on being an integral part of the Welsh economy. Current calculations estimate there are more than 1,000 jobs at Cardiff airport, providing Cardiff locals with numerous career opportunities in various occupational fields.

Types of Job

Security jobs at Cardiff airport include search and baggage check functions -- ensuring prohibited objects and substances are not taken on board the plane -- customs officers, and airport police.

There are numerous retail and food service jobs at Cardiff airport, working in one of the many shops and restaurants the airport offers. Applicants with superior customer skills can also work in ticketing and baggage claim.

Other types of jobs available at Cardiff airport include behind the scenes administrative positions -- such as human resources -- ground crew, including baggage handling, and janitorial positions.

Job Shifts and Hours

Many jobs at Cardiff airport are based around shift work. Applicants should be available to work a variety of hours, and even jobs with primarily fixed hours will require early starts, late finishing times, weekends, and bank holidays. Overtime is to be expected and depends on peak travel times and customer volume.

How to Apply for Jobs at Cardiff Airport

At the time of writing, no current vacancies exist at the airport. Prospective applicants can check the Cardiff airport website recruitments page to monitor future vacancies. Temporary vacancies are made available periodically during the peak travel times of May to October, so hopeful candidates should check the website in late April and during peak times thereafter.

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