Jobs in Canada for UK citizens are helping to create a highly affluent society

Canada is experiencing a skills shortage in several industries, and employers view UK citizens with the appropriate skills and experience as a valuable resource. It is important to identify and target areas where jobs in Canada for UK citizens exist. British nationals interested in working in Canada must also evaluate their own requirements and interests.

Canada is the second largest country in the world and last year 19,000 Britons emigrated there from the UK. Many of these people have taken up positions in sectors such as health, education, business and the service industry. Many work as carpenters, electricians and blocklayers, as well.

There are various ways you can find a job in Canada. Applying directly to companies who are recruiting is probably the best. You need a visa to work in Canada and your succes in getting one hinges on a job offer. It is worth putting the effort in online, to try and identify companies employing directly in your industry.

Jobsites such as jobsincanada and canadaplusjobs are a quick link to the top Canadian employers. They provide a job search and job by email service. You can post a CV, receive job email alerts and they provide cotact information for Canadian companies.

Recruitment agencies such as Adecco and Hays Recruitment can take some of the hard work of finding a job and can also offer assistance on immigration and relocation issues. Temping agencies are a good way to find a temporary job, and some of these operate both in the UK and Canada.

A severe shortage of skilled workers combined with a surplus of jobs is the portait of Canada's future. Jobs in Canada for UK citizens are, and will, offer excellent career prospects.

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